Step 1: Getting ready

Next stop: Vienna – Vienna is a beautiful city and many people from all over the world decide to stay or come back after they have once lived here. The city has an excellent public transportation system and infrastructure as well as high quality education and health care to name just a few things which make the city one of the best in the world. In recent years many neighbourhoods have developed substantially, together we evaluate your specific needs (such as proximity to schools, work etc.) and narrow down the search criteria in order to offer you apartments/ houses that suit you best.

Step 2: Getting started

Once you are in Vienna, we organise an individual housing tour so that you are able to see the most suitable properties in an efficient way. As we collaborate with other selected Viennese based agencies, we can cover the best of the market and sometimes even show you apartments that have not been on the market.

Step 3: Getting done

If you decide to rent/ purchase a house we will of course support you with all the paper work and necessary further steps. From the lease offer to the handover: we are your point of contact and more than happy to answer all your questions.